Weekly Update 106

Home again! Another NDC is down and I talk a little about how the talks were rated and about PubConf (make sure you get to one of these one day!) I've got another couple of weeks at home before any more travel and I'll talk more about the next things as they draw closer.

This week, I'm on my new iPhone (which is very similar to my old iPhone), I'm talking about Uber getting fined, Cloudflare introducing some very cool new things, Firefox Monitor launching on top of the HIBP APIs and my newfound love for the Pi-hole. Seriously, this is a very cool bit of tech and a fun project to build for home. I'll share more over time as I get a better idea of its strengths and weaknesses but for now, yeah, just get one!

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  1. Despite my dislike of Face ID, I've rolled over to the new iPhone Xs (that's a link through to the blog post on the dramas I was having with it)
  2. Uber got pinged $148M for their breach (their concealment of it deserves a big penalty, but there's been no personal impact from it)
  3. Cloudflare is making bandwidth cheap (the Bandwidth Alliance could be awesome for costs!)
  4. Plus, they're becoming a domain registrar (yet another way of making the platform more accessible and driving down costs)
  5. Mozilla launched Firefox Monitor (yes, it's effectively another skin on HIBP, but it massively expands the reach of the service)
  6. Pi-hole - get one! (so impressed with this little beaudy!)
  7. And here's the ad blockers blog post just for good measure (I'd really like to see a more responsible approach on their behalf)
  8. DigiCert is sponsoring my blog this week (they're really putting a lot of work into IoT security lately, check 'em out!)
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