Weekly Update 115

I'm pushing this out a day late so firstly, apologies for the break in what's otherwise a pretty steady cadence. But having said that, as I say at the start of this video I've really been struggling with work / life balance lately. As such, I recorded this Thursday evening then spent most of Friday on the jet ski with my son. We balanced out a lot of work on this trip ?

Getting back to business as usual, I was in Sydney for a day trip during the week, I'm off to Canada in a week from today, forgot to renew their cert, there was a massive new breach to go into HIBP and York City Council seriously screwed up their handling of a very ethical security report. Oh - and the massive Marriott / Starwood breach only came to light Saturday morning my time so it didn't get a mention this week, I'll see if there's anything worth covering off next week. For now, here's this week's update and I'll come to you once more next week before heading off to waaay colder times:

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  1. Data and Leads had a massive 44M record breach (yet another data aggregator trading all personal info by the look of it)
  2. York council - wow! (that thread summarises what happened and how they dealt with it)
  3. DigiCert is sponsoring my blog this week (they're talking PKI and securing IoT)
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