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So today is Have I Been Pwned's (HIBP's) 5th birthday. I started this project out of equal parts community service and curiosity and then somehow, over the last 5 years it's grown into something massive; hundreds of thousands of unique sessions a day, millions of subscribers, working with governments around the world and even fronting up to testify in Congress. I'd love to say I had the foresight to see all this coming but I didn't. Not one bit of it. I just did the things I thought made sense at the time and that was that.

As the 5th birthday approached, I asked people what I should do. There were many good suggestions but chief among those which were actually feasible (and frankly, that I liked the idea of!) was to make stickers. So I did:

HIBP sticker

The sticker is 5.97" x 1" (the olden day equivalent of 15.16cm x 2.54cm) with nice rounded corners. I just bought 1,000 of them off Sticker Mule with free shipping all the way down here to Australia and I'll be handing them out on my travels around the world. Apparently this link will get you $10 off your order and give me a $10 credit too so that I can put it towards buying more HIBP stickers and handing them out to more people.

If you'd like to order stickers, you can do it yourself directly via the Sticker Mule website (again, that's a referral link in both our best interests!) Sticker Mule doesn't have a way for me to share the exact approved artwork, but I had a better idea anyway; there's now a public GitHub repo on my account called hibp-stickers. You can simply grab the artwork from there (use the .ai Illustrator file in the "Wide Logo" folder) then create a new custom order of rounded corner stickers with a custom size matching the dimensions I mentioned earlier. Order as few or as many as you like, upload the Illustrator file, wait for them to come back to you with a proof (took a couple of hours for me) and it's job done.

I've got 2 requests for this and the first is to simply share generously. Print out a bunch and hand them out at conferences or during security talks or wherever else you like, just enjoy them and socialise them. The second request is that if you're the creative type and can do a better job of a sticker than me (highly likely), make a pull request on that GitHub repo and I'll happily accept any good ones and socialise them accordingly (feel free to drop in a readme crediting yourself too). I'd love to see what people do with these so tweet out a pic and mention me and I'll share your good work.

Along with the stickers, I'm also going to be running a live-streamed AMA at 19:00 my time tonight which will be 09:00 Tuesday morning for London, 04:00 on the US east coast and 01:00 on the west coast (so yeah... sorry US friends!) If I've set all this up right, it should magically start playing in the window below. If I haven't, keep an eye on my Twitter account and I'll communicate whatever other plans I make there.

Thank you everyone who's been a part of this journey from the supporters to the contributors to the pwned. In a week where we've just had news of both the Marriott / Starwood and Quora breaches, clearly the need for HIBP is greater than ever and I look forward to continuing to run it well into the future.

Have I Been Pwned
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