Weekly Update 119

I'm home! And it's a nice hot Christmas! And I've got a new car! And that's where the discussion kinda started heading south this week. As I say in the video, the reaction to my tweet about it was actually overwhelmingly positive, but there was this unhealthy undercurrent of negativity which was really disappointing to see. Several other non-related events following that demonstrated similar online aggressiveness and I don't know if it was a case of too much eggnog or simply people having more downtime to be dicks online, but it was a really odd spate of bad behaviour.

Be that as it may, I hope there's some useful content in this one but I do appreciate the car bit in particular may not be relevant to a lot of people. In case you want to skip it, that bit starts at about the 3-minute mark and goes until the 28-minute mark. For those that do watch it, I hope you enjoy something a little bit different this week whether you agree with my choice or not ?

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  1. It's a new car! (that's the tweet with the pics and all the likes, but if you dig far enough, you'll see a negative undercurrent too)
  2. The Tesla is a great car, but it's not for everyone (some people just look for different things in a car, and that's absolutely fine)
  3. Scott Helme got himself blocked while trying to understand the barriers to HTTPS adoption (if it wasn't for the fact this is becoming an alarming trend amongst those pushing back against secure connections, it would be unremarkable)
  4. I got myself chastised for saying this is an alarming trend! (seriously people, the issue here is people ignorantly blocking people like Scott, not people saying that being ignorant is ignorant!)
  5. Scott wrote a good piece on how to actually implement HTTPS and remain compatible with non-supporting clients (this is where we should be - talking about technical solutions - leave the emotional baggage at home)
  6. The HTTPS discussion is reminiscent of Scott's anti-vaxxers post (discard the science, block out the expert voices)
  7. I've got a post I'm working on about fundamental financial lessons for tech people (there's a heap of support in that tweet and I'm really excited about publishing it on Monday!)
  8. Tech Fabric are sponsoring my blog this week (a big thanks to those guys for supporting me over the course of 2018, check them out for scalable, reliable and secure cloud native apps)
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