Weekly Update 118

And that's it for Canada. I recorded this Saturday morning local before heading out for last runs with the family. It's been fun but as I just tweeted sitting here in the airport:

This week I'm talking about my new (free!) Pluralsight course, yet more data breaches, some really wacky Spotify attitudes towards passwords, a cool new Report URI feature we're looking for beta testers on and introducing an all new sponsor - strongDM. That's it from Canada, it's off to a hot Aussie Christmas now and the next few days will come from sunny home ?

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  1. It's a new Pluralsight course ("Managing the Modern Software Dependency Ecosystem")
  2. Spotify would like you to DM them your password (multiple operators asked for this in different ways, although Spotify did later tweet that they were looking into this practice)
  3. We're looking for people willing to test a cool new Report URI feature (DMARC reporting is pretty neat!)
  4. strongDM are an all new sponsor! (put your SSO to good work to grant access to server, DBs and audit a whole bunch of different activities in your environment)
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