Weekly Update 117

I'm in Whistler! And as I say at the start of this video, I did seriously consider having a week off these videos, but I found a comfy spot by the fire and a cold beer and all was good in the world again. This week has some updates on my Canada travels, a couple of data breaches I loaded during the week, new HIBP stickers and some really screwy password practices at HSBC. I'll still be here in Whistler next week so will pump out one more snowy update before heading home for a hot Christmas.

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  1. The worker safety HIBP sticker is pretty cool ("The user has worked __ days without having being pwned")
  2. HSBC has a rather odd approach to password validation ("Customers can enter additional characters on their password and it will be accepted as a successful logon. We don’t classify this as a security risk")
  3. Netsparker is sponsoring my blog again this week (I'm a long-time user of their security scanner and they've been a great sponsor this year - thanks guys!)
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