Weekly Update 121

Well, it's one more sunny weekly update then snow time again so I've gone particularly beachy today. I'm also particularly breachy, talking about a massive combo list I'm presently pondering for inclusion in HIBP. These lists are frequently used for account takeover attacks against the likes of Spotify which is the subject of this week's blog post. Plus, I'm talking a bit about a bunch of Ubiquiti bits I'll be installing soon to fix the problem seen below:

Oh - and I did end up heading out on the water with Kevin Mitnick, albeit on the boat. I think it's alright. Maybe...

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  1. In case you missed it, here was my first foray into Ubiquiti (tl;dr - consumer grade gear sucks so I went totally overboard and couldn't be happier ?)
  2. Spotify hasn't been breached (people will argue who's responsible, but at the very least let's agree on the mechanics of what's happened)
  3. Twilio are sponsoring this week's blog post (remember, they own Authy and there's some pretty good content on that link about how to use it to set up 2FA on your site)
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