Weekly Update 129

Heaps of stuff going on this week with all sorts of different bits and pieces. I bought a massive new stash of HIBP stickers (1ok oughta last... a few weeks?), I'll be giving them out at a heap of upcoming events, I was on the Darknet Diaries podcast (which is epic!) plus there's more insights into the ShareThis data breach and the ginormous incident. Oh - and Udemy is still pirating my content, here's the tweet if you'd like to let them know how you feel about that:

Next week I'll be coming from the US, either Denver or New York depending on how time goes. I'm sure not much will happen between now and then...

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  1. I was on the Darknet Diaries podcast about the RockYou data breach (add this one to your regular list, Jack does a fantastic job of it)
  2. The ShareThis breach had people in there who never expected to be in there (that's a link to last week's weekly update, check out the comments there for more info)
  3. There's now 763 million more records in HIBP (you didn't give your data to and neither did I, but they left it all sitting there open to the world)
  4. Udemy has got a long history of pirating and selling other people's content (no, they're not like YouTube, not unless they want to drop the facade of being a platform with quality content)
  5. Twilio is sponsoring my blog again this week (check out their stuff on implementing 2FA, it can be dead easy)
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