Weekly Update 128

I'm not intentionally pushing these out later than usual, but events have just been such over the last few weeks that it's worked out that way. This one really is a short one though as there hasn't been a lot of newsworthy stuff going on this week, other than the new Instamics I picked up which are rather cool. The audio recording did work well (I mentioned in the video I wasn't sure if it was functioning correctly), and it's pretty damn good quality for what it is. Certainly better than my old Rhode lapel mic, but obviously not up to the standard of the Electro-Voice I use for professional recording.

Next week I expect I'll be a little more organised and have some more content but until then, here's a succinct 14 minutes worth of what's new on my side:

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  1. I bought some Instamics (these are very cool units, but the firmware update process is worrying)
  2. We've got a free NDC meetup in Melbourne soon (Brisbane sold out early and Melbourne looks like doing the same)
  3. We're bringing NDC to New York! (I'll be there doing a workshops and talks)
  4. I loaded the Dubsmash data breach into HIBP (also just pushed the button on ShareThis)
  5. Varonis is sponsoring my blog this week (more from them on their DFIR team investigating a cyberattack)
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