Weekly Update 127

It was another travel week so another slightly delayed weekly update, but still plenty of stuff going on all the same. Along with a private Sydney workshop earlier on, I'm talking about some free upcoming NDC meetup events in Brisbane and Melbourne and I'd love to get a great turnout for. I've just ordered 10k more HIBP stickers to last me through upcoming events so they'll be coming with me.

In other news, there was old news appearing as new news about how hosed you are if your machine is compromised with the level of hosing extending to your password manager. This will inevitably be another one of these times where something gets blown out of proportion (and context) in some of the news headlines then we'll all go back to more sane discussions about assessing relative risks, likelihoods and impacts. There's also a very stead feed of breaches making their way into HIBP after appearing for sale on dark web marketplaces so I give a bit of an update on those as well.

All that and more this week in a slightly shorter form than usual, enjoy!

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  1. Catch me in Brisbane next week at the NDC meetup (free, and very close to capacity already)
  2. Or catch me in Melbourne a couple of weeks later for the NDC meetup there (that event has just gone up so there's tickets left, but there's also strong interest)
  3. Order yourself some Have I Been Pwned stickers (and help me by using the referral code in that blog post so I can buy more to give away at events)
  4. Twilio is sponsoring my blog this week (they're talking about how easy it is to use Authy for 2FA instead of risky SMS)
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