Weekly Update 126

Another week, another conference. This time it was Microsoft Ignite in Sydney and as tends to happen at these events, many casual meetups, chats, beers, selfies, delivery of HIBP stickers and an all-round good time, albeit an exhausting one. That's why I'm a day late this week having finally arrived home late last night.

Moving on though, I've got a bunch of other events coming up particularly in conjunctions with the folks at NDC. Brisbane in a couple of weeks, Gold Coast in April then Minnesota in May. Oh - plus Oslo in June and stretching out beyond that, Sydney in October. The link in the references below about how conferences can help keep speakers happy (or piss them off, as it may be), explains why I keep doing these events. All that plus more data breach news and my thoughts on the subsequent lists of credential stuffing data.

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  1. I'm doing a free user group in Brisbane for NDC on Thursday 28 Feb (this will be a really casual presentation, Q&A and fun night out)
  2. Speaking of NDC, the show will be on in my home town of the Gold Coast in late April (that's a dedicated security event which Scott Helme will be down for too)
  3. Speaking of NDC, I'll also be at NDC Minnesota in May (Hack Yourself First workshop and a shiny keynote)
  4. The reason I keep doing NDC events is because they don't do any of these things! (that's the 10 things conferences do to upset their speakers)
  5. A heap of new data was leaked earlier on in the week (EyeEm has since been loaded into HIBP)
  6. And then even more data breaches were announced a couple of days ago (I'll obviously be keeping an eye out for those too)
  7. All these new data breaches are already starting to make the debate around credential stuffing collections a memory (but as I explain in that post, I think we're past hyping every single one of them up)
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