Weekly Update 131

So firstly, sorry for the audio quality. I'm pretty damn frustrated with those Instamics right now between the flakey firmware upgrade process and the unexpected loss of recording today. I'll make sure I get on top of it for next time.

I'm sitting at the gate in Seattle right now about to board so I'm going to cut this intro short and jump straight into the vid. Here's this week's which has a bunch of different things in it I found interesting including the usual raft of data breaches and other industry bits and pieces. Gotta fly, enjoy!

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  1. I'm doing a keynote for Akamai in Sydney on Thursday (hear more from me on data breaches and cyber-things)
  2. And another NDC meetup in Sydney that night (we packed these out in Brisbane and Sydney so register quickly for this one if you want to come along)
  3. The owner of Exactis wasn't real happy about the impact of their data breach on his business (yeah, the people whose data they sold weren't real happy either...)
  4. Elsevier looks like they logged a bunch of passwords in plain text (who would do that... oh, wait...)
  5. Facebook looks like they logged a bunch of passwords in plain text (they join Twitter and GitHub from last year in doing the same thing)
  6. Never ever, ever, ever install spyware on the devices of anyone you actually care about (seriously, how often are we going to go down this path?!)
  7. Twilio is sponsoring my blog again this week (they're talking 2FA with Authy, something you definitely want to look into if you're building any sort of auth system)
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