Weekly Update 132

From last week's update in Seattle to home to Sydney to back home and a late update (again). But regardless, I'm committed to continuing the cadence of doing these updates each week and 132 of them in, I'm yet to miss a week.

This week it's a combination of more of the same (travel, events and data breaches), as well as more thoughts on the future of HIBP and Cloudflare's role when it comes to nasty content online. That last one in particular is a really tricky discussion and it's one that tends to come back to the surface after events that cause us to reflect on the nature of online speech that whilst legal, we all (well, almost all) just don't want being online. I'm not sure exactly what the answer is that allows us to have both the freedoms and safety we want, but I do think that acknowledging the issues on both sides of that debate is important. All that and more this week, next week will be another update from home and with any luck, one that puts be back on the usual Friday schedule.

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  1. I've got a bunch of events coming in the US, Europe and Israel (that's a complete list of all the public 2019 events)
  2. I'm being inducted into the Infosecurity Hall of Fame in London (this is pretty cool, I'm really looking forward to the event in June!)
  3. Tens of millions of more records went into HIBP this week (the Twitter feed lists them all, including how many unique addresses were found)
  4. The Cloudflare issue around what they should censor is a really dicey one (that link goes back to issues with the Daily Stormer in 2017 and is worth re-reading in light of recent events)
  5. Varonis is this week's blog sponsor (check out their live cyber attack workshop)
  6. I've created a bunch of training for Varonis in the past you can access for free (ransomware, insider threats and GDPR, amongst other topics)
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