Weekly Update 133

Wow, a weekly update back on the normal schedule! I also realised when watching this back how less tired I look compared to the last few weeks. Travel takes its toll so I touched on that a bit in this week's update, along with the usual raft of new data breaches to go into HIBP. Plus there's Facebook's incidents, both the one they're not directly responsible for and the one they are responsible for, but is also both a bit of a non-event and something that's reflective of broader issues in the industry.

Next week should be bang on schedule again and with any luck, I'll look even less tired again ?

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  1. Here's everything that goes into a massive international speaking trip (people always publicly share the good stuff in their lives, this is the warts and all version)
  2. Stop hosting forum software yourself! (that was specifically targeted at vBulletin, I later also wrote about my broader approach to platform outages when I'm not responsible for them)
  3. The Intelimost breach has a really interesting write-up by Zack Whittaker (and it's kinda fun to sleazy spammers come undone!)
  4. It's not Facebook's fault that 3rd party developers exposed a bunch of data from their APIs (but there's still a discussion to be had about how much data Facebook should be exposing in the first place)
  5. It is Facebook's fault that they were asking for people's email account passwords (although in practical terms, it also doesn't particularly matter)
  6. Twilio is this week's blog sponsor (they're talking about how 2FA helps secure online transactions and helps comply with regs like PSD2 )
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