Weekly Update 141

Another week, another conference. This time, Scott and I have just wrapped up the AusCERT event which is my local home town conference (I can literally see my house from Scott's balcony). We're talking about the event, upcoming ones, Scott's Hack Yourself First UK tour, some funky default values in EV certs and then we head off down a rabbit hole of 2FA and people getting fired for failing simulated phishing tests. Next one from London next week!

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  1. We've launched a bunch of hotel packages with the Hack Yourself First UK tour! (one price gets you access to the workshop and hotel accommodation in Manchester, London or Glasgow)
  2. Check out the forum for commentary on the default values in EV certs issue (it's an odd one, I'd still love to know how they got in there)
  3. People are actually getting fired for failing multiple simulated phishing attacks (I agree, this feels really dirty)
  4. Twilio is sponsoring my blog again this week (check out how easy it is to add 2FA to your app using Authy)
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