Weekly Update 142

I made it to the Infosecurity hall of fame! Yesterday was an absolutely unreal experience that was enormously exciting:

But that wasn't all, there was also the European Security Blogger awards a couple of days earlier:

And just a general absolutely jam-packed, non-stop week for both Scott and I. We talk about what we've been up to in London, Scott's weird cert adventures and a couple of massive data breaches back home in Australia. I'm publishing this just before I head off to Oslo so I'll come from there next week solo, then with Scott again the week after from the NDC conference. Until then, here's this week's update:

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  1. Scott had a cert unexpectedly issued for one of his domains (interesting series of events that led to it, documented in that Twitter thread)
  2. Scott tweeted about a weird security decision by Emirate... and got into "Twitter trouble" (we only ever - ever - see this sort of behaviour online, never in person)
  3. Westpac's PayID was the target of a mass enumeration attack (apparently 100k Aussies had personal data exposed by this "feature")
  4. The Australian National University got seriously pwned (19 years worth of historical data - how much of that did they actually still need?)
  5. I'm sponsored by Varonis this week - watch their DFIR team investigate a cyberattack using their data-centric security stack
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