Weekly Update 145

Something totally new this week - Israel! I spent the week in Tel Aviv at Cyber Week, a massive infosec conference where I shared the keynote stage with an amazing array of speakers including many from three letter acronym departments and even PM Benjamin Netanyahu. It's funny how on the one hand an event like this can be so completely different to the very familiar NDC Oslo scene I was in just last week yet by the same token, I'm up there talking about all the same stuff and doing my usual thing.

This week, I'm talking about Israel, the Cyber Week event and how things are tracking with Project Svalbard (spoiler - bloody busy!) I also get a ticket from traffic cops for riding an electric scooter in a footpath so yeah, that's a new one for me...

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  1. I spent an afternoon in Jerusalem (link through to my Facebook pics, what an amazing place...)
  2. Plus, the better part of 4 days in Tel Aviv (posted more pics on the way to the airport at stupid o'clock this morning)
  3. TripAdvisor has been resetting a bunch of customers' passwords when found in a data breach (precisely what Scott and I were talking about last week in terms of many other companies proactively using breach data)
  4. strongDM is this week's blog sponsor (Use your SSO to grant or revoke access to any database, server, or k8s)
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