Weekly Update 144

So first things first - my patience for the Instamics we're wearing just reached zero. One of them recorded and one of them didn't which means we've had to fallback to audio captured by the iPhone I was recording from so apologies it's sub-par. I ended up just uploading the unedited clip direct from the phone because frankly, after trying to recover the non-existent audio both my time and patience were well into the red.

Be that as it may, there's video, audio and a narrative to tell both around the NDC event Scott and I are at and the progress of "Project Svalbard". I'm trying to share as much as I can about that process as things progress and I hope people appreciate the transparency I've always run HIBP with. As I say in the video, if you've got questions about it then drop them in the comments section below.

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  1. Scott wrote about maintaining state in a Cloudflare worker (this is a fundamental part of how we're able to process 670M reports a day!)
  2. Check out how much HIBP trended in searches in January (yes, that's a direct map to my stress levels and yes, I will send stickers to anyone who creates that site I mentioned!)
  3. Project Svalbard is forging ahead (it's becoming increasingly demanding, but it's also a very exciting time)
  4. Varonis is sponsoring my blog again this week (check out their Varonis DFIR team investigating a cyberattack using their data-centric security stack)
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