Weekly Update 143

Well this was a big one. The simple stuff first - I'm back in Norway running workshops and getting ready for my absolute favourite event of the year, NDC Oslo. I'm also talking about Scott's Hack Yourself First UK Tour where he'll be hitting up Manchester, London and Glasgow with public workshops. Tickets are still available at those and it'll be your last chance for a long time to do that event in the UK.

Then there's Project Svalbard. I think it'll come across in the video below, but putting a project I've poured my heart and soul into over the last 5 and half year up for sale is a massive thing for me. There are so many emotions involved at so many levels and I really wanted to try and get that across in a more personable form than what written word lends itself to. I hope I've done that, and I hope you enjoy listening to the back story of Project Svalbard. Here it is:

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  1. Scott's public Hack Yourself First UK Tour is coming up (Manchester, London and Glasgow - get on it!)
  2. Project Svalbard (the big one - this is a long weekly update mostly about my decision to move HIBP into another organisation)
  3. Twilio is sponsoring my blog this week (learn what regulations like PSD2 mean for your business, and how Twilio can help you achieve secure, compliant transactions)
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