Hack Yourself First - The UK Tour by Scott Helme

It's the Hack Yourself First UK Tour! I've been tweeting a bit about this over recent times and had meant to write about it earlier, but I've been a little busy of late. Last year, I asked good friend and fellow security person Scott Helme to help me out running my Hack Yourself First workshops. I was overwhelmed with demand and he was getting sensational reviews for the TLS workshops he was already running. Since that time, Scott has run Hack Yourself First all over the world and done an absolutely sensational job of them. So, we decided to do a bunch in the UK and make them accessible to everyone:

  1. Manchester - 27th and 28th June
  2. London - 4th and 5th July
  3. Glasgow - 18th and 19th July

Tickets for the workshops are available at £1,250 + VAT for the 2 days which includes lunch and refreshments throughout. Scott has also arranged hotel packages in each location so if you need to stay over, there's one price you can send the boss that covers everything.

And finally, there's a shiny PDF flyer that includes all the details in one document:


If you're in the UK (or can get to the UK), reach out to Scott on and he'd love to get you booked in for a couple of days of Hack Yourself First.

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