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Round 4 of Europe for 2016: More talks, more workshops

If you follow my Twitters, you may have noticed I can be a bit, well, "despondent" about the climate in Europe. No, not the whole Brexit political climate situation, I mean more like this: Crowds of people in Birmingham waiting for summer before they go outside: pic.twitter.com/7ImjmCt4Bf— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) June 16, 2016 Yet I keep ending up back there so either it's my poor judgement or... I secretly enjoy it. Back in Jan (when it was much easier to complain about the weather), I was over in England, Scotland and Norway for four weeks then in May it was Belgium and Spain and last month was Norway and England again plus a few days in...

I'm doing a public "Hack Yourself First" workshop in London this June

Round 2 of European travel for me this year has just wrapped up with talks in Brussels for Techorama (which incidentally, was sensational!) followed by a private event for a multinational information services company in Barcelona doing my usual Hack Yourself First workshop. But it's time for the next one already so it's back to Europe again and then after catching my breath at home for a couple of week, time for some US travel for the first time this year. Let me share where I'm off to, where you can catch me and where I still have some time to come see some folks. "Hack Yourself First" – The Workshop When I was over in Europe in Jan and Feb,...