Weekly Update 147

So "Plan A" was to publish Pwned Passwords V5 on Tuesday but a last-minute check showed control characters had snuck in due to the quality (or lack thereof) of the source data. Scratch that and go to "Plan B" which was to push them out today but a last-minute check showed that my "improved" export script had screwed up the encoding and every single hash was wrong. "Plan C" is now to push them out on the weekend with everything working correctly. Hopefully. If I don't screw anything up again...

The constant challenge I've faced over the last few years is the massive amount of multi-tasking required to do all the things I'm presently doing. I touched on this in my Project Svalbard blog post and it goes a long to explaining why HIBP needs to grow up into a larger organisation. I quite literally need people to remove the horizontal tabs and get the encoding right; it's such a simple thing but it's so easy to screw up when you're stretched too thin.

Enough about that, this week I'm also talking about Scott's upcoming public Glasgow workshop, more data breaches, Namecheap's faux pas and EVE Online's great security work they've very generously shared publicly.

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  1. Scott will be running my Hack Yourself First workshop in Glasgow next week (this is the last stop on the UK tour, get in while you still can!)
  2. Someone also created a website dedicated to him (seems legit!)
  3. The Zhenai breach from 2011 added another 5M records to HIBP (I'm still working through a ridiculously long backlog of breaches...)
  4. I called Namecheap to account for a very misleading post on SSL (to their credit, they've now pulled the piece)
  5. EVE Online published some great material on how they're doing their security things (it's not just the practices I think are great, it's the fact that they're happy to talk about them publicly so that other companies can benefit too)
  6. Shape Security is sponsoring my blog this week (Captcha is no longer enough, they're talking about how Shape Connect blocks automation & improves security instantly, with a 30 minute implementation)
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