Weekly Update 149

What. A. Week.

I've been in San Fran meeting with a whole bunch of potential purchasers for HIBP and it's been... intense. Daunting. Exciting. It's actually an amazing feeling to see my "little" project come to this where I'm sitting in a room with some of the most awesome tech companies whilst flanked by bankers in suits. I try and give a bit of insight into that in this week's video, keeping in mind of course that I'm a bit limited by how much detail I can go into right now. As the process unfolds I'll share more, but hopefully this will give you a little taste of what I'm going through at present.

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  1. Our password hashing has no clothes (SHA-1 as a password storage mechanism was pretty useless 7 years ago, yet here we still are)
  2. 38% of requests to the HIBP API are already using the authenticated V3 version (that was 44% when I checked it a day later)
  3. Password manager adoption rates are as low as 0.09% (so what does that tell you about how people are creating passwords?)
  4. Shape Security is sponsoring my blog this week (Captcha is no longer enough, they're talking about how Shape Connect blocks automation & improves security instantly, with a 30 minute implementation)
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