Weekly Update 148

It's the last one from Norway before heading off to the US and diving into the deep end of the Project Svalbard pool followed by Black Hat and DEF CON in Vegas. That's off the back of the last week being focused on pushing out Pwned Passwords V5, loading several hundred million new records worth of new data breaches and finally launching something I've been very excited about for a long time now: auth on the HIBP API. I spend most of this week's update talking about that because it's such an important feature and I especially wanted to make it clear why there's now literally a financial price to pay for entry. All that and more in this week's update.

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  1. Chrome 77 Canary presently has the EV indicator dropped (we always knew this was coming, can we please stop the EV FUD now?)
  2. Pwned Passwords V5 has finally hit! (I spoke about it last week so only touch on it briefly this time)
  3. I've loaded a slew of new breaches into HIBP (the data just doesn't stop coming, that's a link through to the Twitter timeline announcing all the new ones)
  4. The HIBP API now requires authentication (this is a massive change in many ways, do make sure you watch and read if you're using it)
  5. Shape Security is sponsoring my blog this week (Captcha is no longer enough, they're talking about how Shape Connect blocks automation & improves security instantly, with a 30 minute implementation)
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