Weekly Update 153

Australia! Sunshine, good coffee and back in the water on the tail end of "winter". I'm pretty late doing this week's video as the time has disappeared rather quickly and I'm making the most of it before the next round of events. Be that as it may, there's a bunch of new stuff this week not least of which is the unexpected limit I hit with the Azure API Management consumption tier. I explain the problem in this video along with a bunch of other infosec related bits. I'll do another one from Aus later this week (if I can stick to schedule) and will try and find another nice little spot. Until then, enjoy:

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  1. I hit an unexpected limit on the consumption tier of the Azure API Management (it's frustrating, but I'm working with Microsoft on a longer term fix and mitigating the issue in the interim)
  2. The responses to DigiCert's survey on reducing maximum cert lifespans make for sad reading (there are much bigger root causes within enterprises that need sorting out)
  3. Hostinger got themselves breached (I still think the wording here is poor, surely we can do better as an industry?)
  4. Big thanks to strongDM for sponsoring my blog over the last week! (see why Splunk's CISO says "strongDM enables you to see what happens, replay & analyze incidents. You can't get that anywhere else")
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