Weekly Update 152

I made it out of Vegas! That was a rather intense 8 days and if I'm honest, returning to the relative tranquillity of Oslo has been lovely (not to mention the massive uptick in coffee quality). But just as the US to Europe jet lag passes, it's time to head back to Aus for a bit and go through the whole cycle again. And just on that, I've found that diet makes a hell of a difference in coping with this sort of thing:

This week it's almost all about commercial CAs and their increasingly bizarre behaviour. It's disappointing to see disinformation and privacy violations from any organisations, but when it's from the ones literally controlling trust on the web it's especially concerning. Maybe once they're no longer able to promote EV in the way they have been that will change, but I have a feeling we've got a bunch more crap to endure yet. See what you think about all that in this week's update:

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  1. Reminder: If you're using the HIBP API to search for email addresses, get yourself onto V3 ASAP! (you've got 2 days until the old versions die)
  2. Chegg had 40M accounts breach with unsalted MD5 password hashes! (it was April last year, now it's searchable in HIBP)
  3. Extended Validation Certificates are (Really, Really) Dead (I've been saying it for ages, but both Chrome and Firefox have really nailed it now)
  4. DigiCert is rejecting the proposal to reduce maximum certificate lifespans (uh, except for that post a few years ago when they thought it was a good idea...)
  5. Sectigo leaked the personal info of a do-gooder which resulted in him receiving a threatening letter (there's all kinds of things gone wrong here)
  6. Big thanks to strongDM for sponsoring my blog over the last week! (see why Splunk's CISO says "strongDM enables you to see what happens, replay & analyze incidents. You can't get that anywhere else")
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