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Weekly update 16

It's a new year! Which means looking back at the old year and while I'm there, also looking back at how much we didn't know we didn't know. This week I also permanently nuked all remaining remnants of the ad network given the success of the sponsorship model and that has made me very happy. What I didn't mention in the weekly update is that I've had over 70k visitors to this blog over the last 24 hours largely on the basis of that post. It got a lot of traction on Hacker News which obviously helps (but wow, some of those comments...), but it's interesting how much of a hot topic ads always tend to me.

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  1. I looked back at 2016 in a retrospective (seriously, do this in your own lives as well, it's good for you!)
  2. There are known knowns and there are known unknown, then there are unknown unknowns... (Rumsfeld sounded kinda funny all those years ago, but there's some truth in that saying as it relates to infosec)
  3. Ads are gone - I mean really gone (all last remaining code artefacts have now been permanently banished!)
  4. Come see me in Copenhagen! (there's still some seats left for my workshop at the end of the month)
  5. Raygun have sponsored me for the third week in a row (I genuinely use what these guys do a lot so check out their good work)
Weekly update
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