Weekly Update 161

It's my first conference back in Australia since probably about May and I'm experiencing a rare luxury - not flying! I'm sticking to driving some big distances just to get a break from the tyranny that is check-in, security and airport lounges. Seriously, it was beginning to do my head in so now it's cruise control and podcasts for me in the foreseeable future.

This week's travel has brought me to Sydney where the new iPhone got a good workout:

Beyond that, I'm going through some of the highlights (lowlights?) of this week's tweets as that seemed to resonate the last time I did it. Next week will be Gold Coast sunshine and if I time it right, some kangaroos as well ?

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  1. Eventually, the padlock icon will become a redundant artefact of a bygone era (that could occur in 2021 for Chrome)
  2. Certificate misissuance and who's to blame (in 14% of all analysed incidents, CAs intentionally put profits over compliance and industry rules)
  3. Sponsored by Varonis. Free Video Course: 7 Hidden Office 365 Security Settings You Can Only Unlock with PowerShell
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