Weekly Update 167

It's summer! Yes, I know it's back to front for many of you but Dec 1 means it's sunnier than ever here. Regardless, this week I've been at DDD in Brisbane, written my 10 year old son Ari and I running kids coding clubs in Oslo (cold) and London (rainy) next month and the Swiss gov being on-boarded onto HIBP. Plus there's this week's sponsor IVPN and how tracking ain't tracking (that may be a bit of an old Aussieism). Next week I'll come to you from the YOW! conference somewhere else within the country.

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  1. I'll be keynoting at YOW! Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne over the coming couple of weeks (happy to be back there after a few years hiatus)
  2. Come and join Ari and I teaching kids to code in Oslo and London next month (it's free, just bring a kid and a laptop)
  3. The Swiss gov is now on HIBP! (that makes 7, I'd love intros to more govs)
  4. Sponsored by IVPN. This ad is not tracking you, but most others do. Fight digital surveillance by blocking ads and web trackers on all your devices. (and no, they're not "tracking you" when you click that link!)
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