Weekly Update 168

I'm presently on the YOW! conference tour which means doing the same keynote three times over in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It's my first time back at YOW! since 2015 and it's always a nice way to wrap up the year, especially the Brisbane leg I'm on at the moment in my home state. That's kept me busy, but it's some tweets last week that have kept me entertained so I'm talking about those as well as some reflections on what is now 6 years of running HIBP.

Next update I'll try and push out a little earlier to align with YOW! in Melbourne and hopefully give myself a bit more downtime come the weekend.

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  1. It's not just Let's Encrypt issuing certs to phishing sites (and that's fine, so let's stop throwing them under the bus for it)
  2. Plain text password storage - even generated ones - is wrong on many levels (the UX alone just doesn't make any sense)
  3. Big thanks to Whois XML API for sponsoring my blog this week! A lack of domain intelligence causes data breaches. Test their Security Enterprise API & Data Feed packages with free credits!
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