Weekly Update 175

Alright, let me get this off my chest first - I've totally lost it with these bloody Instamics. I've had heaps of dramas in the past with recordings being lost and the first time I do a 3-person weekly update only 2 of them recorded (mine being the exception). I was left with a zero-byte file on my unit which we tried to recover to no avail. It's not just that; the mobile app is clunky AF (Scott was demonstrating how many times he had to mash a button on his just to get it to connect to a mic), firmware updates require an install on the PC (which at least previously, was unsigned code loaded over HTTP via an IP address), the levels on them are unpredictable and somehow Scott ended up with a blinky light on his last week. So this video has ended up with only Scott's and Ari's mics working and me in the background along with a whole lot of unwanted conference scene noise - sorry! Anyone got a recommendation for a portable audio recorder that can take a few lav mic inputs?

Moving on, we've just wrapped up NDC Security in Oslo where Scott, Ari and I have all delivered sessions of one kind or another. HIBP also hit the 3M subscriber mark this week and Scott is lamenting how slow his browsing experience has become without his Pi-hole. Next week's update will come from London where I'll try and do a much better job of the audio before getting home and getting a decent recorder - get these recommendations in!

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  1. Ari held a session on teaching kids to code (that's a link through to this week's blog post on what he covered in the session)
  2. We'll all be at NDC London next week (I'll be workshopping, Ari coding with kids and both Scott and I delivering more talks)
  3. Scott and I are both missing our Pi-holes (looking forward to getting home to a faster browsing experience!)
  4. Sponsored by: SecurityFWD. A brand new YouTube show from Varonis. Watch Episode 1: How Far can Wi-Fi Travel?
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