Weekly Update 176

Well that's the audio issues fixed - mostly. The Zoom H6 is an awesome recorder, I just can't quite work out the right adaptors for the mic. I've got a couple of Saramonic SR-XLM1 lav mics and the guy at the DJ store I bought the Zoom from was convinced we'd be fine with just with 3.5mm to 6.35mm jack converters which appears to be incorrect. Someone else hen said we'd need a TRRS to TRS adaptor so we grabbed a couple of Rode SC3s which also didn't solve the problem. So, keeping in mind we have no idea what we're doing (and missing), can someone explain the gap here and what's required to fill it?

In other news, we're at the tail end of NDC London where we've wrapped up our individual and joint talks. Scott's talking a lot about the history of crypto and where we now are with SSL Labs changing ratings when older TLS versions are found and browsers deprecating support for them. Oh - and incidentally, Cloudflare does enable you to no longer support older versions of TLS and I've had my things set at a minimum of 1.2 for quite some time now. I'm back on the plane to Aus in just a few hour's time so the next update will be from somewhere sunny - with good audio!

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  1. SSL Labs is changing the grade for websites still supporting TLA 1.0 or 1.1 (this'll cap a bunch of sites rating well today at "B" once it hits)
  2. The DHS cyber chief uses Have I Been Pwned to monitor his breach exposure (it's always cool to see use cases like this ?)
  3. Legacy TLS is being deprecated in the browsers (that's Scott's latest blog post, interesting reading if you're not supporting new versions of TLS)
  4. Scott played "hand model" whilst the BBC filmed his implant (clip there from when he got it fitted)
  5. Sponsored by: SecurityFWD. A brand new YouTube show from Varonis. Watch Episode 1: How Far can Wi-Fi Travel?
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