Weekly Update 177

I've got audio! Ok, so I cheated a bit in terms of recording back in the home office, but the plugs I need to make the Zoom H6 work the way it should (and yeah, I know I said "Rode" H6 in the vid, sorry!) are on the way and hopefully they'll be all good for next week when I'm in Sydney. I'm talking about that trip in this week's update along with the Chrome 80 changes to SameSite cookies not that its hit, the Adult FriendFinder breach and then recapping on a heap of the week's news in tweets. I hope the audio (and video) improvements this week do the job, I'll do it all again from Sydney next week with (hopefully) a much improved audio setup.

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  1. I'm speaking at the Azure user group in Sydney on Tuesday night (only 15 spots left at the time of writing so get in quick if you're going to be around!)
  2. Chrome 80 has hit and that means breaking changes for a bunch of sites (if you haven't already tested your apps, you really want to do that ASAP)
  3. The Adult FriendFinder breach is now in HIBP (this is the 2016 one - the 2015 one is already in there)
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