Weekly Update 182

Geez, where do you even begin given how the world has turned just in the last week? I spend a good quarter hour at the start of this video talking about what I'll be doing, namely getting on with business and running a bunch of public workshops remotely in conjunction with Scott Helme. I felt genuinely excited talking about this; they'll be less than half the price of in-person events, no travel, no accommodation costs and we've both run a heap of these remotely in the past too so this is a pretty well-known process for us. We're also working on a bunch of ideas to make sure we don't lose "the hallway track" and the human interaction that makes our training so engaging (so we're told) and we're genuinely excite about the potential. I'll be publishing information about these events early next week.

Beyond that, I'm catching up on last week's post about padding on the Pwned Passwords API and this week's post on Ubiquiti's super cool "Dream Machine".

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  1. You can register to do Scott Helme's and my "Hack Yourself First" workshop at NDC Copenhagen on April 1-2 right now! (it's remote, so you don't even need to be there ?)
  2. You can also register to do our workshop at NDC Porto on April 21-22 (also remote, you don't even need to get out of bed!)
  3. Pwned Passwords now has padding! (this is actually a really cool additional privacy control)
  4. I had a really good play with Ubiquiti's new Dream Machine (any excuse to geek out, this time by fixing my mate's dodgy wifi)
  5. Sponsored by 1Password is a secure password manager and digital wallet that keeps you safe online
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