Weekly Update 183

Geez, where do I even begin? I honestly wasn't sure, then I could hear the kids playing in the background whilst I was setting up and per the video thought "yeah, stuff it, I'll leave that in" because as messed up as a bunch of stuff is, life goes on. And that's where I really wanted to start this week - what life looks like today. As I say in the video, it's paradoxical because it's all (mostly) very normal here, but it's painful to watch what's happening to friends around the world. It's also painful to watch what's happening to many friends here because although we're not (yet) in the same position as many other countries, businesses are suffering massively.

But in the crisis is opportunity and we can all find little bits of that here and there. Scott and I are running our workshops remotely which we've done many times before, but this is the first time the public has been able to sign up (for a fraction of the usual price too, I might add), plus we're doing our favourite talk as a free for all on Monday which to be honest, I'm really looking forward to. And then, amidst all the virus craziness, there's still all the usual shenanigans around data breaches and how they're disclosed. Whatever your isolation may look like today, I hope that you can find the opportunity within that, make the best of a crazy situation and come out the other side stronger.

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  1. What does isolation look like for you? (that's the tweet I sent yesterday with the pic from my boat, I'm genuinely interested in how everyone else is dealing with it)
  2. Because it came up in response to the previous point, here's my "Hack Your Career" talk where I give a sense of what it took to be where I am today (still one of my favourite ever talks on so many levels)
  3. I mentioned it in this week's video so I want to link to it here - 10 Personal Finance Lessons for Technology Professionals (I'd really like to do a follow-up on this as the dust settles on the virus situation)
  4. We're taking "Hack Yourself First" online! (Scott Helme and I will be running this together at a fraction of the normal price - bargain!)
  5. Speaking of Scott, we're doing "Cyber-Broken" together on Monday (also a fraction of the price - because it's free!!!)
  6. Disclosure still sucks - I mean really sucks - because there's a total lack of corporate responsibility (this is just such a frustrating process...)
  7. Sponsored by Chronicle from Google. Redefining security analytics. Click here to learn about the platform designed for a world that thinks in petabytes.
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