Weekly Update 184

This has been an absolutely flat-out week between running almost 3 hours of our free Cyber-Broken talk with Scott Helme, doing an hour of code with Ari each day (and helping get up to speed with remote schooling) then running our Hack Yourself First workshop on Aussie time zones the last couple of days. But, especially given the current circumstances, I'm pretty happy with the result ?

This week's update covers those events plus the onboarding of the USA government onto HIBP, an announcement I was very happy to make this week! Oh - and about the green screen - I don't know whether I'll stick with this for future weekly updates or not, I'm just enjoying the novelty factor for the moment ?

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  1. The green screen I'm using is from Elgato (this is a super cool screen, really easy to collapse and move around)
  2. Scott and I live streamed almost 3 hours of our Cyber-Broken talk which is now available to watch at your leisure (this was great fun and the feedback has been fantastic!)
  3. Ari and I did an hour of code each day working through the fundamentals for kids (I hope other parents get use out of this, particularly if their kids are stuck at home these days)
  4. The USA government is the 9th to be onboarded to Have I Been Pwned (I'm super happy to see the service extend to our friends across the Pacific!)
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