Weekly Update 185

I actually lost track of what week it was at the start of this video. Did I do the Aussie workshops last week? Or the week before? I know I was at home so... it's just all becoming a blur. But be that as it may, life marches on and this week like every other one before it was full of interesting cyber-things. I find the situation with Zoom in particular quite fascinating, particularly the willingness - even eagerness - that so many seem to have to throw the very tool that's bringing so many people together in a time of need under the security and privacy bus. More on that and a bunch of other things in this week's update.

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  1. Get Pluralsight for free for all of April! (because c'mon, what else are you going to do these days?!)
  2. We're running another Hack Yourself First workshop in Porto next week (of course it's not "in" Porto, but it's NDC Porto and it's the last one on our schedule for now)
  3. Houseparty is offering a million bucks if you can identify who's running a smear campaign against them (it'd be a seriously well-orchestrated campaign if true, most of what I see looks like garden variety account takeovers)
  4. Zoom is being forced to really step up their game (but I don't believe it's any riskier using Zoom than any other similar platform)
  5. Zoom bombing raids have apparently become quite the thing with kids these days (non tech-savvy users + bored kids = chaos)
  6. TicTocTrack had a serious security issue - again (but disclosure hasn't happened despite a commitment to be open, transparent and honest)
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