Weekly Update 186

Somehow this week's update ended up being 55 minutes, largely because of playing with a bunch of the new network gear and unboxing a pretty snazzy looking rack from 4Cabling. I get through with that then sit by the pool for the rest of this week's update. (And yes, I shaved!)

Incidentally, there's some audio clipping occurring after I sit by the pool. I've tweaked the levels a bit at that point to try and compensate, still not quite sure what happened but hopefully it's not too bad.

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  1. We built a Nerf Gun wall! (this was just super good fun, it's now all hooked up to Alexa too)
  2. Pwned Passwords is getting bigger and bigger (more than half a billion queries in a month now)
  3. I hate spam and I hate being asked to link to spammy articles (but I love the outcome of this blog post!)
  4. The 5G health concern situation is an exercise in understanding hoaxes and disinformation campaigns (plus, some of it's just absolutely batshit crazy)
  5. Sponsored by Duo: Going beyond the perimeter: what a 'zero-trust' approach to security means and how to get started. Download the guide by Duo Security.
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