Weekly Update 188

It's a day late because somehow, even in the current climate, I still find myself with a lot on my plate and the 2am getup yesterday morning didn't leave me much like talking by the usual time I'd record this video came around. Regardless, I haven't missed a week yet and I wasn't going to start today! No great single stories of significance this week but I thought I'd share some insights into how life is gradually returning to a new kind of normal here. We've fared exceptionally well in Australia and I'm conscious many people watching this are in very different situations, this is merely my experience and what my daily life looks like at present.

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  1. The COVID19 Australia Twitter account is a great source of empirical data (we're weathering the pandemic exceptionally well down here)
  2. The next workshop I'll be doing is "in" Oslo for NDC in June (this will be my 7th NDC Oslo, just the first one, well, not actually in Oslo!)
  3. Nanoleaf is kinda cool 😎 (I feel like it would be easy to go overboard with these...)
  4. Amazon has won the tender to host data from Australia's COVID-19 tracing app (yes, it's an American company but no, that doesn't matter)
  5. I mentioned "The Belfast Case" as it relates to Microsoft and customer data stored in overseas (that's an important precedent in discussions like these)
  6. Nintendo is at the receiving end of a credential stuffing attack (despite some people claiming their passwords were "strong and unique", it has all the hallmarks of so many incidents that have come before it)
  7. Sponsored by Varonis. SecurityFWD. A brand new YouTube show from Varonis. Watch Episode 1: How Far can Wi-Fi Travel?
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