COVIDSafe App Teardown & Panel Discussion

I've written a bunch about COVID-19 contact tracing apps recently as they relate to security and privacy, albeit in the form of long tweets. I'm going to avoid delving into the details here because they're covered more comprehensively in the resources I want to consolidate below, firstly the original thread from a fortnight ago as news of an impending app in Australia was breaking:

On Sunday night, that app finally landed here, branded as COVIDSafe. I installed it the day after, capturing a bunch of my own thoughts and linking to efforts from the community to dissect what it was actually doing:

The efforts of fellow community members (several of them fellow Microsoft MVPs) garnered a lot of attention so we banded together to run a public panel yesterday. That 2-hour panel discussion has now been published to YouTube and it's chock-a-block full of real world observations about what the app actually does, what it collects, what it sends and what the real world privacy and security implications are. I loved being a part of this panel as it allowed us to step away from the speculation and conspiracy theories and instead focus on the facts of how the thing works. None of us have any commercial interests in this (we all went through a disclosure process in the video), it's just pure independent, fact-based discussion. Enjoy:

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