Weekly Update 189

Last week, I got the vid out a day late and by early afternoon today it looked like I was heading the same way. So, for the first time I ended up just live streaming it direct to YouTube. I actually quite liked the interaction, although I picked the quietest time in the day with most of the world asleep and obviously the audio quality wasn't the same as sitting in my office but still, not a bad end result I reckon.

I decided to sit outside on the boat as in just a few hours from now, our restrictions here will begin lifting and we'll actually be able to head out on it for leisure again. I talk a bit about what's changing here, what our numbers look like and, of course, the whole COVIDSafe situation. Our contact tracing app has been really well received here by and large but holy shit, those who don't like it are an angry bunch, just listen to one example I read out. All that and some IoT and networking bits as well in this week's update.

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  1. Apparently, IoT'ing your garage door is much harder than I thought it would be (but possibly, also very simple)
  2. I finally got a couple of Ubiquiti cams working wirelessly in the house (that's a link to the tail of the tweet thread that works through it all)
  3. Here's that video on how funny it is to complain about privacy via the world's largest social media platforms 🤣 (the irony is thick with this one...)
  4. We ran a panel on Wednesday with 5 independent parties discussing COVIDSafe and what was learned tearing it down (tl;dr - it does precisely what we were told it would do)
  5. Sponsored by Varonis. SecurityFWD. A brand new YouTube show from Varonis. Watch Episode 1: How Far can Wi-Fi Travel?
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