Weekly Update 190

I went with the "just record it live" approach again this week and honestly, it's working out much better for me. It's easier to publish (no manual retrieval of audio and video from devices, no editing in Premier, no waiting for upload) and doing it in my office gets almost the same audio and video quality as the "old" way anyway. Plus, I get to interact with people whilst recording so all in all, I'm pretty happy with this approach. Let me know how you find it and if you have any suggestions for improvement, I'll try and do this earlier in the day next Friday to hit the Aus and US friendly time zones rather than Aus and Europe per the last couple of weeks.

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  1. We're tracking exceptionally well in Australia during the pandemic, especially in my home state of Queensland (great empirical data on that Twitter account)
  2. Half of people who responded to my Bluetooth poll leave it turned on all the time (count me in that half too)
  3. On average, I load a new breach into HIBP every 4 days but this week was 4 of them across the span of 5 days (mostly due to getting on top of a bunch of disclosures)
  4. There's been a significant uptick in HIBP usage over the last month (definitively not related to any specific breaches, best guess is it's related to changes in working patterns)
  5. I get "I've been hacked and need help" emails pretty much every single day (I'm yet to find a good way of handling these)
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