Weekly Update 192

Hey, check out that haircut! And shirt! It's almost like I'm a professional again 😊 Come Monday, schools here return as usual so I figured it was time for both my son and I to head to the barber. Other events of the day had me sprucing up to a level I don't think I've seen since Feb and I've gotta say, it's actually kind of nice. If only I had somewhere I could actually go out to...

In other news, the “db8151dd” breach consumed a bunch of time this week, but at least publishing that ultimately led to the community identifying the source. I delve into that this week, as well as how we're dealing with the whole pandemic thing down here and a bit on what it's like to be involved in online conferences. Not a big one this week, bit plenty of content all the same.

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  1. We're down to only 12 active cases of COVID-19 in our state of 5M people (a remarkable number, but also one that's likely to keep us isolated from the rest of the country for a while)
  2. I couldn't attribute a data breach so it went into HIBP as "db8151dd" (it's now been attributed to Covve)
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