Weekly Update 193

First time back in a restaurant! Wandering down my local dining area during the week, I was rather excited to see a cafe that wasn't just open, but actually had spare seating. Being limited to only 10 patrons at present, demand is well in excess of supply and all you have to do is leave some contact info in case someone else in the restaurant tests positive at a later date. Fair enough too, yet somehow - still beyond my comprehension - there was a bunch of outrage expressed at the necessity to provide personal information. Talk of data breaches, stalking and government control ensued which all started to get a little "tinfoil hat", to my mind. My (more candid!) thoughts on that and more in this week's update.

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  1. Somehow, a tweet about the joy of being able to return to restaurants became an opportunity for some people to whinge about privacy (some serious loss of priorities there amongst some people)
  2. I love getting fan mail about HIBP, and this one is particularly hilarious (ok, "fan mail" is a strong word here, but it's entertaining all the same)
  3. A heap of new data breaches have gone into HIBP this week (I make it 6 new ones which have kept me rather busy)
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