Weekly Update 196

All my things are breaking 😭 Mic broke, PC broke, boat shed handle broke, fridges (both of them) broke, fireplace broke, roof broke... and that's just the stuff I could remember in the live stream. But in happier news, listening back to that video now I'm really happy with the audio quality of the new mic and I reckon that once the pop filter is installed the sound will be spot on. Hopefully that'll be in place for next week's update, along with replacements for the other broken things! Let's see what else fails between now and then...

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  1. I've got a build thread going for the LEGO Lambo (did the same thing with the Bugatti a couple of years back and people seemed to love it)
  2. Data breach disclosure remains painful (it looks like Foodora consciously chose not to reply until they were publicly called to account)
  3. Somehow, some people are still whining about HTTPS (how on earth is this still a thing in 2020?!)
  4. Pwned Passwords has hit version 6 (another 17 a bit million passwords takes the service to about 573M now)
  5. Credential stuffing is currently the biggest threat to organisations, find out how you can protect your network right now with
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