Weekly Update 197

I'm literally surrounded by broken pieces of half finished repairs. My office is usually a pretty organised place so it's kinda frustrating, but then I'm replacing equipment that's seen up to a decade or more of solid use so that's not a bad run. Amidst all that, I've well and truly gone down the IoT rabbit hole with all sorts of bits now connected through Home Assistant (just understanding the basics of this is actually one of those draft blog posts I mentioned). All that, the usual data breach stuff and more in this week's update.

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  1. Catch me on Redgate's "Streamed APAC Edition" next week (I'll be doing a bunch of Q&A)
  2. Then catch me presenting on credential stuffing for Akamai (I'll presenting then Q&A'ing on both EMEA and APAC time zones)
  3. People are overwhelmingly in favour of ultra wide screens (mine is really growing on me, but I need that display port connector)
  4. The Quidd data breach is now in HIBP (that's the news story from when it hit the public airwaves)
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