Weekly Update 209

More IoT, more cyber and more Q&A so yeah, business as usual this week. More specifically, a lot of this week's update talks about VPNs and where they still make sense with so much HTTPS all over the place these days. As I say in the vid, blog posts like the VPN one I did this week are often done to help me get my thoughts on a topic straight and a lot of things became a lot clearer for me in doing that. The headline figure out of that post IMHO is that only 2.3% of websites are forcing all connections to be secure courtesy of HSTS preload and the fact that browsers still default to the insecure scheme. More on that (and much more) in this week's update.

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  1. The whisky tasting put on by Hacktive was a pretty neat digital experience (pic there from the event)
  2. There's been what's reported as the first death as a result of ransomware (I find it hard to believe it hasn't happened before, and it'll definitely happen again)
  3. The "3Ps" of VPN value proposition (where do they still make sense in an increasingly "secure by default" web?)
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