Weekly Update 210

Wow, 4 years already. Regardless of where I've been in the world or the stresses that have been going on in my personal life, every single week without exception there's been a video. This makes 210 of them now, and these days they're live from a much more professional setup in a location that has absolutely no chance of changing for the foreseeable future. Not exactly the way I saw things panning out 4 years ago, but I guess we've all been a bit blindsided on that front. Anyway, on with the show and there's not a lot on the professional front this week due to downtime with the kids over their holidays, but some good audience questions I hope people enjoy. Next week - something I'm very excited about and it has absolutely nothing to do with tech 😊

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  1. I've done this video every single week for 4 years, no matter where I've been (that's a link to the first one ever - same same but different)
  2. I've been replacing external Ubiquiti access points with in-wall units... and they're awesome! (I'll gradually go through the house and replace all the wall sockets with these)
  3. Was Activision "hacked" or do people just choose bad passwords? (without evidence to the contrary, my money is on the latter)
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