Weekly Update 214

It's a very tired weekly update as I struggle a little bit after only a few hours' sleep but hey, at least I've got a nice haircut! In more topical news, I'm pretty happy about the experience installing Ubiquiti's AmpliFi ALIEN gear into a neighbour's house, it's Trump on top of Trump with his password commentary and then his actual password and finally, questions from the audience on AmpliFi versus UniFi which some people might find interesting. Next week, I'm hoping I'll be able to talk about the Ubiquiti doorbell as well so tune back in for that one.

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  1. I put an AmpliFi ALIEN unit into a friend's house (this is some really cool kit!)
  2. Trump had some, uh, "interesting" things to say about passwords (I don't know whether it's satire or not, hence Poe's Law)
  3. And while we're on Trump, how about that password of his 🤣 (if it wasn't Victor Gevers that reported this, I'd be suspicious about it)
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