Weekly Update 216

Alrighty, quickie intro before I rush off to hit the tennis court, catch up with old friends, onto the wake park before BBQ and, of course, 🍺. I'm doing a quick snapshot on how we're travelling down here COVID wise, I lament the demise (followed by resurrection) of my Ubiquiti network, there's a heap of new data breaches in HIBP and a bunch more insight into my guitar lessons (no, I'm not giving guitar lessons!) Enjoy 😊

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  1. We're tracking remarkably well down here COVID wise (and yes, I'm very conscious of how different it is in other parts of the world right now, thoughts are with you guys)
  2. Guitar lessons! (ok, not really, but please do watch that embedded Ricky Gervais video because he absolutely nails the issue in it)
  3. I also touch on this in my "Hack Your Career" talk (still a favourite of mine several years on)
  4. Mike mentioned "Janteloven" which is something I flagged in the talk above (essentially boils down to living simply and not being showy)
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